You either like it or you don’t. But if you do like sushi and haven’t seen the documentary “Jiro dreams of sushi” you should go watch it. I watched it with some friends a while back, geez the cravings you get from the beautiful footage and the art and craft of making the sushi. Already have the restaurant on my bucket list.

Having sushi on my mind, I decided to mix a little illustration with photography, ended up with some “chibi” sushi.

Hope you like it!

infographic1 kikoman1

avocado_sushi maki salmon salmonrow shrimp sushitamagowasabi// Alexis Holm


2 thoughts to “You had me at Sushi!

  • Sasyeah

    Really love that cutie sushie :3 psst! bookmarked! >///< good workk

    • Alexis Holm

      Thank you :D! glad you like it!


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