At first you might think, “I could really use one of those right now” or “That looks good”, but let me stop you right there and just say that, you should not want to drink these drinks, I repeat do not drink them, they are not good for you! But If you wanna make a blog post out of it, go ahead let the creativity flow, grab anything and everything and make something. I was thinking of making real drinks at first but when I saw that I didn’t have any of the indigents I decided on making drinks with a big twist. Come to think of it, what would I have done with all the drinks when I finished shooting them? Good thing I don’t have to worry about that now. Enjoy or something xD


Irish plant nutrient coffee with hair mousse


1 Cup of water

4 tbsp of plant nutrient

half a cup of Hair mousse


Lemon detergent Mai Tai


1/2 cup of water

1 cup Lemon detergent

top of with some tape and umbrellas


Body glitter taped blue Alaskan glycol


First dip the top of the glas in water then dip again in body

glitter to get the frosty edges. Then add

2 cups of glycol

2tbsp of body glitter


Water on the tape with yellow paper

test1 copyDSC_6095_1

2 cups of water

30 cm of tape cut in small pieces and rolled up to uneven balls.

add twisted yellow paper


Bloody sawdust red paint Mary Fix


1/2 a cup of concrete patch fix

4 tbsp of red paint or acrylic paint

1/4 a cup of sawdust

top with a random weird plant from the garden


–Behind the scenes–

DSC_6119DSC_6140  DSC_6176 DSC_6101DSC_6083DSC_6168

//Alexis Holm

2 thoughts to “Undrinkable Drinks

  • Ofie

    Fantastic!!! Beautifully done, great photos.
    Love the Bloody sawdust, looks good to drink.

    • Alexis Holm

      haha tack :D jag får bjuda på en nästa gång vi ses xD!


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