I got the camera feels yesterday! We have this thing at work, we have to bike 300 km (It’s kinda like a Swedish classic race but with a different spin). I was like, why not include getting lost and bring the camera with me? So I did!

I used to have such a hard time being by myself, restless, no one to talk to, bored. But living by myself I’ve come to appreciate a lot. Dude, it’s nothing wrong with going to the movies by yourself (you never talk to anyone at the movies anyway). Reading a book and drinking a coffee at the shop, Isn’t that bad either and hey getting lost on a bike ride to the scent of lilac, could pave the road to some amazing memories. Like yesterday when I met the cutest corgi ever, scroll down and say Hey to Håkan! <3

P.S Don’t get me wrong now, It’s still boring as heck sometimes to be alone haha, so if someone get the feels and want to take a bike ride, holla at me yo! xD

Here’s some more pics! Enjoy <3

//Alexis Holm

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