This is going to be a really short project post. Well not a project post more like a work in progress test post.  I recently started to look for old portraits, wanted to try working an overexposed look with a lot of contrast. Nothing much really, still working on it.

oh and yeah, I might have some good stuff coming upp this month on the blog, Small projects I’ve started, and maybe if I’m lucky some photos from Norway and Denmark. Fingers crossed.


Have a good one and enjoy the portraits!

edwin bw



Megan. JNAsimeBw

Nasime. BerikBW

Erik. H

//Alexis Holm



Random portraits

bannerTwo weeks ago I posted this “work in progress” thing here on the blog. You know the whole deal about the fact that I didn’t have any portraits of relatives and friends, and that I maybe would want to have something to hang on the wall in the future. So here yah go, some portraits of random family members and friends, with a little twist.

Emmanuel_printsAke_Prints Erik_Prints Ingrid_PrintSScreen Shot 2014-06-24 at 16.56.20Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 14.12.24Ofelia_Prints rikard_printS