Tokyo 2018

So I went to Tokyo with Jens a couple of weeks ago! For so many years I told my self, I want to go to Tokyo, and guys! I DID IT! And it was the coolest trip I’ve made so far. 1 day in and I already knew that this wouldn’t be my last visit.

I don’t know where to start, the food, the culture, the hype, the people, the lights! I’m gonna let the pictures speak for themself. I also made a movie about the trip, check it out if you haven’t seen it <3

Hope you like the post! <3

  //Alexis Holm


Hollywood Portraits

Geez this past weekend has been freaking crazy awesome. Had two of my oldest and dearest friends come down and visit me, can barely remember last time we saw each other. We had been talking about having a photoshoot and I’ve always wanted to try to make old Hollywood portraits with modern people. So I gave it a shot!

Must give a shoutout to my honeys/models Hanna T. and Lendsy G.. You dammmmmn fine! My pictures would literally be nothing without you xD. It has been a pleasure working with you!

So here yah go, the first photoshoot from this weekend!




Lendsy6_AlexisHolmHanna3_AlexisHolmHanna4_alexisholmLendsy_AlexisHolmHanna_ALexisLendsy4_AlexishOlm Behind the scenes:



Photoshoot_Alexis1 Photoshoot_Alexis2 Photsoot_Alexis3//Alexis Holm


Little Big People


framesA few weeks ago I was roaming around on the internet looking for inspiration for this project. I knew I wanted to work with people and also brush up on retouching and photo manipulation.

Came across an amazing post on Behance by Photographer Quentin Curtat and High-end freelance retoucher Cristian Girotto, that got me thinking. So I decided on trying to make something similar but older, more rough around the edges with a little twist.

Hope you like it!

DSC_2342Model: Lennart H




Model: Emmanuel J



Model: Rowena J


Lovisa1Model: Lovisa A

DSC_2346Model: Erik H


Original photos:


Special thanks to my beautiful friends and family for taking the time to help me with the “Little Big People Project”.


//Alexis Holm