Stores and vendors – NYC part 3

Walking around china town, little Italy and other random streets in New york I found some cozy places and funny people. Some doing stuff like starting a fire in the middle of the street, others just sitting, relaxing, smiling or stressing over customers. I didn’t get that “There’s always a buzz going on in New York”. But I think I do now.

This post is gonna be all about the vendors and stores that fill our stomachs with delicious food and mysteriously make the extra change disappear from our pockets!

Alexis_Stores1 alexis_stores2 alexis_stores3 alexis_stores4 alexis_stores5 alexis_stores6 alexis_stores7 alexis_stores8 alexis_stores10


//Alexis Holm



The Wedding – NYC part 2

We had ourselves a major walking day crossing 3 bridges, Williamsburg bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan bridge. After we crossed Brooklyn Bridge we stopped to rest our feet and to have some Ice-cream at Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). I saw this lady walking/looking around checking out the place with a couple of cameras. My guess was that she was looking for a location, well to be honest it wasn’t so hard to guess, behind her was a beeeeaaautiful bride and groom. I couldn’t really help myself, I stole a couple of wedding shots. Their names will remain a mystery I guess.


wedding6Wedding1wedding8Obviously I wasn’t the only one looking wedding5wedding9weding2wedding7wedding3// Alexis Holm



The streets of New York – NYC part 1

Am I weird when I say that I like watching people? What they do? How they do stuff? reactions, actions, facial expressions xD Well I do that sometimes, or should I say most of the time. With or without my camera.

I took the opportunity to stop once in a while during my trip to New york, look at the surroundings and the people in it. found some moments and took some pictures. Here Are some random pictures from the parks and streets of New york.

Hope you like it!

DSC_4768 DSC_4794 Streets_NYC_alexis copy streets_nyc_alexis2streets_nyc_alexis15 streets_nyc_alexis3 streets_nyc_alexis4streets_nyc_alexis13streets_nyc_alexis14 streets_nyc_alexis5 streets_nyc_alexis6 streets_nyc_alexis7 streets_nyc_alexis8 streets_nyc_alexis9 streets_nyc_alexis10 streets_nyc_alexis11 streets_nyc_alexis12

//Alexis Holm





Update post from NYC

To be honest I didn’t really have anything planned for the blog this week, and since I’m in the Big Apple as we speak (or as you are reading this, if you read my blog when the post is fresh). I didn’t really have the time to plan anything special. But I’m still going to post pictures, like 10% of what I’ve done so far. Let me present to you! Food, People, art galleries, random shops, touristy stuff well, most of the Pictures from my phone! Taa daaa! xD

Hopefully I’ll have something better for you guys next week!

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//Alexis Holm