I commute to work and spend around 1,5 hours in the car back and forth everyday. Not to get all philosophical but when you spend that about of time in the car, you easily get stuck in your own thoughts and always have your eyes on the road. Always looking forward. Kinda like the way of life I guess, always looking forward and at the same time leaving stuff behind.  You always read about people just stoping for a minute , the “taking it all in” cliché.

Does it really work? My guess is that a cliché is a cliché for a reason.

So I don’t know why, but a morning a couple of days ago, I stopped the car. watched a perfect day begin, took a deep breath, accepted life for a moment and took it all in. Did it give me the overwhelming magical answers to all of the questions about life I have? Did it “fix” me? No not really… but it was calming and a little reassuring, that It’s not so bad to be alive sometimes.


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Alexis holm nature


//Alexis Holm

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