This has been a real wedding month for me, and It’s been amazing. Took the plane to England last weekend to attend my dear cousin’s wedding. No words can describe how happy I am for you and your beautiful bride, may all the happiness and luck come your way. The food was amazing, the music great and to meet up with the Filipino/British part of the family warmed my heart. So thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful day.

With no further notice, I will now direct you downwards! Enjoy the pictures from the party!



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Here are some random clips from the wedding:

//Alexis Holm

2 thoughts to “Let my love adorn you

  • Haley

    Absolutely amazing random shots from the wedding, some great captures, effects and angles there!! the ones of Richie and Sharmane together are all great keepers, they will love those. They look so Good together.

    • Alexis Holm

      Thnx cuz! They sure do :D! Just sent them the video from the wedding :D <3


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