Ahh Sunday the glorious aftermath day aka the hangover day.

So yesterday I turned 29, “shiiit almost 30!! getting old” wellll sometimes I care about it , most of the time I don’t. In fact I spent 80 % of last year thinking that I already was 29, when in fact I was only 28, so that has to mean that I’ve saved a whole year right? Noooot!

So I realised two things this weekend.

Number one: I don’t have a home. Well at least not  home that is only mine, and mine for the long run. And that scares the bejesus out of me 99% of the time I start thinking of it. Why do I feel this way? Weeeell, I really don’t know. Maybe I’m just tired of running around for no reason, maybe I just want to belong to something that isn’t just me belonging to my body and mind. All the time. I mean my body might be my temple, but dude, if you look up the word temple on wikipedia “is a structure reserved for religious or spiritual rituals and activities such as prayer and sacrifice.” I’m like hmmmm….. LOL. This body isn’t really reserved for anything atm, it’s more under construction I would say. This does not make any sense at all.

Number two: You are nothing without your family and your friends. I don’t have my blood related family here in Manchester, and that’s hard sometimes.  I do however have a Crew, a not so tiny family of 62 hyper people to ask for help and support.

I also have some great ass roomies, and of course I also have a phone. By that I mean that most of the people I care the most about is just a phone call away.  But still godammit, life is freaking stupid sometimes. Specially when you are on the phone asking for a hug, and you can’t get a real one. With all the design thinking I’ve been reading up on the past 3 weeks, one might think someone would’ve come up with a solution to pull a couple of arms out of a smartphone, and give another a IRL hug, right?!. If there’s an app for that, let me know. Very much appreciated!


Moving on,  the sun is shining here today. Went for a 2 hour walk this morning, believe it or not. Manchester is like a totally different city during the morning hours. Calm and quiet.

Pictures below are from yesterday, when I went for a walk with some friends





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