EY (Ernest & Young) Brief

Project description: Working with EY (Ernst & Young) Via Hyper Island Business Transformation module.

For this client brief we looked into future tech and trends such as, block chain, freelancing and transparency. To find a solution for following client brief.

Brief: “How do we shape our organisation to meet the needs of our current and future clients and markets they operate in? What does the market look like in 10 years?” Are some of the questions that were answered during this brief.

Researched showed a lack of trust, transparency and understanding of/ in the company.

Suggested solution: How might we guide EY in reshaping their image while upholding company values? How might we aid EY in recruiting future talent? Split Ey in Half and showcasing transparency by putting money in startups, up-skilling, education and healthcare, producing more work and recruitment within the talent sector.


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