Cars, Cars and more Cars!

Geeez this post is up late! But it’s still a weekday, som I’m still kinda on time. Sooo I made me some cars, why? Well I don’t really know, it was fun? Something I do know is that Back to the future celebrated it’s 30th anniversary and in honor of that I made two DeLoreans, one modern pink and the other old school grey. Oh yeah!



Hope you like it!



Untitled-1 gostbusters

kirt kirt copymadmax madmaxmysterymachinecar


deloreanbtf-1 deloreanbtf-1

// Alexis Holm





This is going to be a really short project post. Well not a project post more like a work in progress test post.  I recently started to look for old portraits, wanted to try working an overexposed look with a lot of contrast. Nothing much really, still working on it.

oh and yeah, I might have some good stuff coming upp this month on the blog, Small projects I’ve started, and maybe if I’m lucky some photos from Norway and Denmark. Fingers crossed.


Have a good one and enjoy the portraits!

edwin bw



Megan. JNAsimeBw

Nasime. BerikBW

Erik. H

//Alexis Holm



The Patterns

Been working on repetitive patterns in photoshop this week, Added som fabric textures and grain to make it a little more interesting. I had an idea of printing stuff I like on fabric, watched some clips on youtube, Not really sure if i would want to walk around with these prints and patterns, but I had a fun time working with this post.


Hope you like it!

pattern-for-blog SushiZipper cocacola_web

botaniskaScreen Shot 2015-05-28 at 21.45.34cartoon copyScreen Shot 2015-06-09 at 18.46.09


//Alexis Holm


Alphabetical Weekend Memories

For this post I decided to sum up the weekend, by continuing my “Alphabetical memory letter”-work. Check the first post here

—> Alphabetical memories  

Spent the weekend runnin errands, traveling to Gothenburg, meeting new and old friends, having some drinks and eating at McDonalds one too many times.









Font: Lily Script One by Julia Petretta

//Alexis Holm



Wearable Food

I still have a food thing going on here on the blog, can’t really help it. Started this project last friday/saturday, didn’t really turn out as expected but then again it never does. My little studio still smell of chickpeas, glue and beans. So here we go, a little beans, sesame seeds, chickpeas and coffee  jewellery for everyone.

bracelet2 braclet2_a

beanbraclestringspastaringscornDSC_9294 copycornring2clocknecklacecoffebraceletDSC_9260




behind the scenes

DSC_9228 DSC_9219 DSC_9231 copyScreen Shot 2015-03-16 at 18.56.45pastaDSC_9232


// Alexis Holm


The boy with the bow tie

I would like to start this post with wishing everyone Merry Christmas, and hope you get to spend the holidays with people you love and care for!


Got to spend last Sunday with little Viggo, his mum and dad. What more can I say, I had a great time all the faces and expressions where priceless.

DSC_7915_Svartvit  Viggo_AlexisHolm2 Viggo_AlexisHolm7 Viggo_AlexisHolm9 Viggo_AlexisHolm12

Looking at the cat


The cat looking back xD

Viggo_AlexisHolm15 DSC_7935_svartvitViggo_AlexisHolm16 Viggo_AlexisHolm17 Viggo_AlexisHolm21 Viggo_AlexisHolm23




Viggo_AlexisHolm36 Viggo_AlexisHolm41

//Alexis Holm



Random Logos

I’ve been posting a lot of pictures lately, so for this week I decided on doing something a little different. I’ve been wanting to update the “graphics” spot on the portfolio with some new stuff, so I decided on trying to make some random logos. Hope you enjoy it!


flowerboutiqueLogo flowerboutiqueLogo2






 redfoxblackRED FOX LOGO

// Alexis Holm


Shooting With Colors

Shooting With Colors – photoshoot collaboration project

As I mentioned last week I had the awesome opportunity to work with some amazing people. For the second photoshoot (last weekend) I Worked with my amazing friend/model Nasime Brown and the talented makeup artist Patricia Kara. Also got to work with Emmanuel Junglander who took the time to set up his black magic camera, and filmed some of the behind the scenes from the shoot!

So this time I brushed up on my 2 and 3 point lighting, using lifx bulbs – The lightbulb reinvented, and the smartest Wifi light bulb I’ve seen.

Here are some pics from the shoot! Make sure to check out Nasime, Patricia and Emmanuel on Instagram/websites, If you wanna know more about them. I’m gonna post the links further down!



nasimecolor1nasimecolorDSC_4300DSC_4208cropadDSC_4295testDSC_4390DSC_4274DSC_424312DSC_4409Behind the scenes and information:

Make-up artist: Patricia Kara, Instagram: mejkmyday

Model: Nasime Brown, Instagram: nassekladd

Videographer: Emmanuel Junglander, Instagram: hittabensin, Vimeo: junglander, Website:

Shooting with Colors – BTS from Emmanuel Junglander on Vimeo.

DSC_4117 DSC_4121 DSC_4144DSC_4451 //© Alexis Holm