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To Love and Be Loved

It’s always a privilege to get invited to a wedding as a photographer, but to also get an invitation as a friend even more so. Love, Laughter, tears of joy and wonderful memories was shared this very special day. I’d like to say thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding and letting me capture some of the memories of the special day!

Thank you once again, and wishing you guys the best of luck and may even more happy memories come your way <3

This post is rather late as you can see hehe, keeping it short here haha,

but hope you enjoy it!


dsc_6271 dsc_6408 dsc_6457 dsc_6478 dsc_6532 dsc_6566 dsc_6609 dsc_6658 dsc_6716 dsc_6718 dsc_6857 dsc_6908 dsc_6916_bw dsc_6983 dsc_7009 dsc_7063 dsc_7228 dsc_7262 dsc_7270 dsc_7315 dsc_7320 dsc_7416-copy dsc_7432 dsc_7437 dsc_7465 dsc_7473 dsc_7539 dsc_7702 dsc_7739 dsc_8015 dsc_8025

//Alexis Holm


Wedding times!

I couple of months ago I had the pleasure of being the wedding photographer for this lovely couple! Definitely a love in the air kinda day!

So why not update my portfolio with the lovely couple now named Mr and Mrs Mantzios, wishing you all the best of luck in the future and may all the love in the world come your way!






Mantzios_0027      Mantzios_0012BW



Mantzios_0024Mantzios_0016Mantzios_0037_ Mantzios_0008

//Alexis Holm




The boy with the bow tie

I would like to start this post with wishing everyone Merry Christmas, and hope you get to spend the holidays with people you love and care for!


Got to spend last Sunday with little Viggo, his mum and dad. What more can I say, I had a great time all the faces and expressions where priceless.

DSC_7915_Svartvit  Viggo_AlexisHolm2 Viggo_AlexisHolm7 Viggo_AlexisHolm9 Viggo_AlexisHolm12

Looking at the cat


The cat looking back xD

Viggo_AlexisHolm15 DSC_7935_svartvitViggo_AlexisHolm16 Viggo_AlexisHolm17 Viggo_AlexisHolm21 Viggo_AlexisHolm23




Viggo_AlexisHolm36 Viggo_AlexisHolm41

//Alexis Holm



The Wedding – NYC part 2

We had ourselves a major walking day crossing 3 bridges, Williamsburg bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan bridge. After we crossed Brooklyn Bridge we stopped to rest our feet and to have some Ice-cream at Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). I saw this lady walking/looking around checking out the place with a couple of cameras. My guess was that she was looking for a location, well to be honest it wasn’t so hard to guess, behind her was a beeeeaaautiful bride and groom. I couldn’t really help myself, I stole a couple of wedding shots. Their names will remain a mystery I guess.


wedding6Wedding1wedding8Obviously I wasn’t the only one looking wedding5wedding9weding2wedding7wedding3// Alexis Holm