EY (Ernst & Young)

Mar 2019 – Apr 2019

For this client brief we worked with for EY (Ernst & Young) Via Hyper Island Business Transformation module. “How do we shape our organisation to meet the needs of our current and future clients and markets they operate in? What does the market look like in 10 years?” Are some of the questions that were answered during this brief.

Based on primary research (Surveys and interviews with the general public) and secondary research surrounding peoples perception of EY and future trends 10 years from now, this  within tech and working environment. We landed two problem statements:



Split Ey into half. 

Invest and give away revenue, time and make contributions and donations to support startups, charitable causes within new markets. This will create transparency, build a new work environment for the new company.

In short:  EY’s current motto is ‘Building a better working world’ but we didn’t believe that EY was doing enough to uphold this view. We therefore proposed that EY should strive to lead by example and give something back. We want to have EY tell the world how they want to be part of making it a better place.

How do we implement the idea?


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